Tag: First Nations


  • Paco

    Paco is a member of the First Nations who survived the Ares pacification of Englewood, and is now one of the gang's O.G.'s. A familiar face on the streets, Paco has friends well beyond his gang.

  • Quetzal

    Being a woman gang leader means Quetzal has to be ferocious to overcome the rampant gangland sexism. And, the First Nations are normally considered a Native American gang, wheras the Southside Set is predominantly latino, with a strong pro-Aztlan …

  • Araña

    Araña goes way back with Quetzal, but he doesn't have a lot of rep in Englewood, or in the 'net. The handful who have seen him hacking say that with his skills, and frankly, his age, it's surprising that he hasn't made a name for himself. Those in the …